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I decided to create this website to blog about mine and my husband’s travels. We are both in our early 50’s and in our second marriage, coming together as a blended family of 7 in 2003. Over the years our mutual love of travel has come to the fore and with the kids leaving the nest, we have decided we would like to travel the world together.

We live just north of Wellington – the Capital City of beautiful New Zealand – and while we love it here, we yearn to discover new places around the world. We have already been to many places on holiday, stayed in a variety of accommodation from The Ritz Hotel in London, to a tent in Kent (England) but want to turn our travels into an adventure, live for a while in new places and experience life amongst the locals.

I will be using this website to chronicle our travels, and promote the fact that age doesn’t matter (the Ripe old age of 50 and above!) the sense of adventure never leaves you, and Roaming the world is possible!  You are welcome to leave comments and ask questions etc. Or contact me if you would like to add your own travel blog.  Join with us and share the ride! IMAG1168

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