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How to get a Local Experience – 3

In the last post, I posed a question. ‘how do you get a local to tell you about their places to go and sights to see?’. Well this one is easy…ask them!

Here is an example. We had just stayed at a remote overnight stop and there were no people there. As the time zone was later than we were used to, we were up early (for locals anyway!) and seeking things to do. The small town we came across looked good for an early coffee…and what did we find? Some locals setting up for a garage sale. We had a look through their things and there were no treasures. However, the treasure was in their advice on what to do in the area. All for the price of a conversation.

One retiree to the area pointed out the local walking trail. We would have had our coffee and gone off without finding it. It was an interesting diversion and only one block long, just to our liking.

Another local lady said ‘go to Coalseam’. It was a place we had heard about but was a bit out of our way. I’m glad we decided that if a local had recommended it, then we would go. It was fabulous! And we wished we could have spent more time there.

Just get out there and strike up a convo with the locals. It’s well worth it!

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